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    Five minutes with @lindvest’s Michoel Klugmann in April’s #CondoLife!

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    1. Provide them with the right tools, whether it’s an iPad, budgeting app or a few freebies to give to clients (Jays game anyone?).

    2. Get to know your team member’s individual strengths and weaknesses to personalize their duties. If people are doing things they’re good at they’ll probably be happier too.

    3. Provide personalized incentives to reward your employees for good work.

    4. Hold a daily team meeting to reinforce goals and answer questions in a cohesive way.

    5. Provide team projects when you can so members can work off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

    6. Don’t forget the old solutions! Sometimes a quick phone call is a lot easier than an email.

    7. Give your team flexibility so they can meet customer’s needs.

    8. Allow your employees to make mistakes so they won’t be afraid to take risks.

    9. Make sure you have a process in place so project overviews don’t get lost in the shuffle.

    10. Reinforce the customer—see through his/her eyes.

    11. Train employees by granting them access to conferences and workshops that will help them think outside the box.

    12. Listen more than you speak!

    13. Measure your goals so you always have something to work towards.

    14. Provide a budget for your employees to invest in networking. Sometimes meeting for lunch or golf is more effective than a cold call.

    15. Trust your team and they’ll trust you back. Have faith in their expertise.

    16. Don’t micromanage—allow them to take ownership of their work.

    17. Make your business an open book!

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    It’s judgement day! Our Principal Susan McIntee is judging entries for the 2014 Applied Arts Design Awards at S1 Studios today! It was quite an honour to be asked and we’ll keep you updated on the results.

    Full credits will be published in the forthcoming July/August Design Awards issue of Applied Arts, as well as in their online Awards Archive.

    Love this! Today is the day of pink. Show your support for anti-bullying initiatives by wearing pink.


    #dayofpink stop #bullying come out to the gala on April 10th in Ottawa #love #peace #together

    If social platforms were Game of Thrones houses, which one would Facebook be?

    (Via dailydot)

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    Say hi to our account execs!

    Who they are: 52 Pick-up’s trusty account superheroes. 

    From left to right: Taylor Hess (account manager), Sue MacKay (VP Client Services), Arona Podheiser (account manager).

    What they’re doing now: Brainstorming and strategizing with clients, whether it’s over email, smartphones or in person. They build and strengthen relationships 24/7 and help clients make sales.

    Where they can be found: Jetsetting across the city and beyond (with frequent trips to San Francisco) for meetings.

    Most likely to: Multitask.

    Fun fact: Sue is on the board of ULI Toronto!

    Accolades: They play a key part in all our awards! Check out the full list here.

    What you should ask them: They’re experts on everything sales and marketing. Tweet them about how to boost and track your sales efforts and how to come up with a marketing strategy that works.

    Twitter handles: Follow Sue at @sdmack14.

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    Flip your calendars! It’s finally April. This month we’re talking all things sales on our blog and social profiles.

    Is your company experiencing sales slump? Empower your marketers with cool tools and pick-up some svelte sales strategies (for free, no less) all April long.

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    When considering whether or not to hire an agency, there’s no straightforward answer. However, there are a few things you should consider.

    Social Media is a full-time job

    Believe us, tacking social media onto someone else’s other responsibilities will not work in the long run. Everyone from web developers to account managers claim social media as a “side” responsibility however you should keep in mind:

    1. The time. Hunting down story ideas, replying to followers quickly, posting newsworthy updates and maintaining an “always on” presence requires constant maintenance. Sure, there are auto-programmers out there but you want to make sure to keep your accounts in real-time as much as possible. This is a full-time job.
    2. The voice. Nailing down your company’s voice requires a plugged-in writer or digital marketer who understands the brand and industry. Social media coordinators and strategists have a skillset that is unique from anyone else.

    Hiring an agency might give you more bang for your buck

    You could hire a full-time strategist to manage your social accounts but in the long run, hiring an agency might make more sense. For one thing, you get an entire team of writers, designers and web gurus at your service. For another, many agencies have specific expertise in measuring analytics and improving SEO.

    Integrated campaigns

    If you have an agency that’s handling your print campaigns, it’s a good idea to make sure print and social is integrated. It’s much more effective and will help drive sales. Sometimes companies have their own social media coordinator who manages each account, but they still work with agencies to help with branding, writing and measuring.

    While every company is different, put some thought into your objectives with social media. Online marketing is no longer an option, it’s mandatory and if you don’t get on board now you could be losing out on many opportunities.

    So overall, remember — there’s a lot of work that goes into social media campaigns and you have to dedicate the proper resources to this evolving medium.


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    New In Homes feature: “10 Minutes with Michoel Klugmann of Lindvest


    Required reading today: A Q&A with Michoel Klugmann, Vice President of Lindvest. He goes into the beautiful rebranding that we had the opportunity to spearhead with the company.

    Happy reading!

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    Whether you’re redesigning a simple logo or your company’s entire image, here are 16 branding mistakes to avoid.

    1. Designing your company’s logo on Paint or PowerPoint with special use of the spray paint tool.

    2. A cliched tagline like: “Making customer smile, since the year XYZC.” 


    3. Cluttering your brochures with cheesy images you found on Clipart.

    4. Rolling out brand changes poorly.

    5. Not having a mobile website.

    6. Not doing what your preach. If you’re a social media company, make sure you OWN your feeds. 


    7. Choosing a name that’s hard to pronounce—if people stutter over your name, they’re definitely not going to remember it.

    8. Choosing a name that’s overused and tired.

    9. Offering the same services as everyone else. What’s your angle? How are you different?

    10. Not monitoring or tracking your branding efforts to see if they’re actually successful.

    11. Choosing employees that don’t reflect your company branding and culture—they have to understand what you’re about.


    12. Offensive campaigns (need we mention Bic For Her pens?).

    13. Choosing platforms that don’t align with your target market. If you’re demographic is teenagers, why aren’t you on Instagram?

    14. You don’t let your employees visit Facebook—your employees should be able to build their personal brand too! It reflects on your overall company culture.

    15. Not being able to explain your brand in 15 seconds or less.


    16. Being too serious—let loose! Have some fun and show off your personality.

    What do you think is the WORST branding sin a company can commit? Tweet us @52pickupinc​ with the hashtag #BrandBoosts.

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